Do you want to live more sustainably?

Find out how to do it with AWorld, the official platform of ACTNOW, the United Nations campaign to promote the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda

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How does AWorld work?

Calculate your footprint

Calculate your annual CO2 emissions, discover the impact of your lifestyle and the areas where you can improve

Learn how to improve

Follow the episodes, find tips that will help you in your daily choices and pass the final quiz!

Take action

Discover the actions you can take to reduce your emissions and change your habits positively

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We have done
14891903 actions

For our future

What is Act Now?

ActNow is the United Nations campaign to inspire people to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Embracing possibility,, this is the call of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Let's not wait for the future we want: let's create it together now!

Make the difference

Join the community

Take part in challenges to win prizes and  reach collective goals for the good of the planet

Participate in open groups or with your company

Play with colleagues or other sustainability enthusiasts


What our users say

A great, fun, functional app which allows you to play and learn about sustainability on your work lunch break. Before you know it, you've read the latest report on climate change, what your climate footprint is, and how to weave in sustainability in every day life.


Excellent app for discovering, step by step, how to move in the world of sustainability: daily habits that allow you to include gimmicks that are good for the world in your routine.
Highly recommended.


Aware of the critical environmental situation in which we find ourselves, I had come to the
conclusion that, if the solution was in changing our lifestyle, we had to find sustainability attractive.
This app hit the mark.


This app really helps you stay connected and do something good to help the planet and our surroundings. I am very surprised by the fact that it manages to make us more responsible every day!


Are you part of an organization?

AWorld also offers a stakeholder engagement platform for companies, institutions, schools and events.

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