The App for Living Sustainably.

In Support of the United Nations ACTNOW Campaign  

The App for Living Sustainably.

In Support of the United Nations ACTNOW Campaign  

Act Now 

for Our Common Future

Embrace the possible that’s the call of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint for a better world. We don’t have to wait for the future we wantwe can create it right now. 

Everyone can join the global movement for change.

ActNow is the United Nations campaign to inspire people to act for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate actions around the world



Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Everyone’s sustainability journey is different. It depends on your lifestyle, the choices you make every single day and your goals.

Use a unique personal carbon footprint calculator to determine where you are in your sustainability journey and give you personal and actionable tips to meet your goals.


Easy and measurable Actions

Making a change starts with small Actions

That’s why we created easy behavioural actions that will gently guide you towards more sustainable habits. Actions you can log and measure each day to track your own progress.


Learn from Inspiring Stories

Get inspired by stories from different cultures all over the World to better understand important points about our planet, our actions and our responsibility as global citizens.

Hundreds of contents inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals.


Join Teams and Challenges

Join teams and community challenges to work towards a common goal of actions and savings together!

Engage in friendly competition with leaderboards and grow together with the your community.


Measure your Improvements

Every action you take within will be logged towards your savings and will improve your carbon footprint.

Get points for your actions, Improve your level, and contribute to the good of the planet every day

Time for a Fresh Start!

The environmental crisis is overwhelming and it can feel like an impossible task to heal our planet. It can seem like one person can’t make a difference. But we can.

When we act as individuals together, we become stronger, more influential. We become a

force for change.


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